Espré company is inspired by the coffee passion of its owners, who decided to convey it to the end product through the best bean selection and focus on the complete coffee process.

The desire to share and let taste Italian pleasure has the aim to serve best possible coffee and establish long term business relationships with our partners. Our professionalism and our achieved expertise over the years have done the work.

Our mission is our passion: the desire to share and taste the Italian pleasure.

coffee cup on a unique table


Our supportive blend combines the taste of selected quality coffee with a global ethical consumption project to support coffee growers and protect the natural resources on our planet.


A blend that expresses the creaminess and the extra body taste of true Italian coffee, with a decisive and irresistible caramel notes. It is marked by the persistent flavour in the cup and the com…


A blend of harmonic mild coffee with nutty and chocolate aromas and taste of dark chocolate, hazelnuts, chestnut and bread crust. Delightfully balanced body and low acid content.


A blend with a stronger creamy and extra body taste; this coffee has a strong and irresistible flavour, with distinctive hazelnut and chocolate notes. In the cup, it is distinguished by its dark and dense cr…

The world of coffee is broad and fascinating. The cup of coffee has always played a main role during the day for different cultures in so many ways.

Every day people enjoy coffee but only a few of them know about the background or the knowledge behind a simple cup: the origins, roasting, many varieties and the various preparations.

Our attention to the bean begins at the source, from the plantations in Columbia, Peru, Guatemala, Brazil and India where we go directly to strengthen a close relationship with farmers. We regularly check soil conditions, cultivation, harvest and processing.

We share with them a fair and sustainable price that also guarantees us the ideal and constant raw material for our blends over time.

Once in the plant, all raw coffee beans follow a careful selection path with the help of technologically advanced facilities from storage to roasting. At this point the experience and the secrets of blends, cleverly preserved, come into play.

Coffee is roasted every day, dealing with all the “slow toasting” profiles, that is a hand-made toasting to allow the ideal cooking of the beans in order to extract all the aromas that we will find in the cup.

There are more than 90 different varieties of coffee plants in the wild, but the most widespread qualities are Arabic and Canephora, also known as Robusta.

Roasting process

Unlike as in large scale productions, where the beans are short-term roasted for 2 - 5 minutes, our coffee beans are roasted with the drum roasting procedure in traditional Italian stone oven for 16 to 20 minutes where aroma can fully develop. The temperature curve rises slowly with 6 to 8°C per minute to max temperature of 215°C. In the roasting process we do not use any additives. After the long-term roasting, the beans are air-cooled for 24-48h.